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Welcome to the media center! We are excited to offer the latest beef news for your publication including beef recipes, food releases and photos, events and connecting you with Ohio's beef farmers. Throughout the year we will provide timely recipes and culinary information that will delight your readers. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us!

Ohio's Beef Industry

Beef is big in Ohio, with 17,000 beef farm families in the state. Ohio has 1.24 million head of cattle and calves, with a total inventory value of $1.45 billion and produces 437.5 million pounds of beef each year. The total gross income in 2013 was $516 million. With 284,000 beef cows, Ohio ranks 13th in the number of beef operations. The average cow herd size in Ohio is 16 head and beef cattle can be found in every county.

Each year over 40,000 head of Ohio cattle worth nearly $12 million are exported for beef to feed consumers in other countries.

Ohio citizens spend $4.1 billion annually on beef.


Want to know more about the health benefits of beef, how cattle are raised, and more? Below please find information on all aspects of the beef industry. If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, contact us!

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