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Meet a Beef Farmer

The beef community is a broad community of dedicated people including farmers and ranchers, small business owners, community leaders, animal caretakers, and nutritionists, environmentalists dedicated to producing safe, wholesome, nutritious beef. This passionate and long-standing community shares the mission to provide the safest, highest-quality beef in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. The truth is that the beef community is comprised of the nearly 1 million U.S. cattle farmers and ranchers who blend time-honored traditions with modern innovation to provide high-quality beef. While some incorrectly believe industrial farming has replaced family farms and ranches, 97 percent of beef farms or ranches are family-owned.

  • Bill and Bev Roe

    Bill and Bev Roe

    Bill and Bev Roe of Hamilton, Ohio own a Registered Angus cow-calf farm. They own and operate the Pedro Angus farm located just 10 miles east of the Indiana border, alongside their herdsman Michael Everett. For 22 years they have prided themselves on quality cattle backed by quality genetics and an ideal disposition.

  • The Bender Family

    The Bender Family

    Dustin, Erin, Amelia and Mathias Bender reside in Morrow County, Ohio raising between 30-35 head of grass-fed cattle. Dustin, the Vice President of Bender Communications, and Erin, Director of Licensing in the Technology Commercialization Office at The Ohio State University, have found a special way to connect with consumers.

  • The Flynn Family

    The Flynn Family

    From six in the morning until well after the sun has gone down, a normal day for the Flynn family revolves around agriculture. Eric, Adele, Addison (7), Will (5), and Liv (almost 1) Flynn know that taking care of their nearly 50 cows is a family affair. For almost a quarter-century, Adele’s family has tilled and worked the land they live on, making Addison, Will and Liv the 4th generation to grow up on their farm located near Lake Erie.

  • The Graham Family

    The Graham Family

    Jamie and Amy Graham of Patriot, Ohio own and operate R&C Packing, where they harvest and process beef. The Grahams have been in the meat packing business for over 15 years. Before purchasing R&C Packing, Jamie was a meat inspector for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, so to say he knows meat safety is an understatement.

  • The Hollowell Family

    The Hollowell Family

    Randy, Stacy, Dylan (6), and Carly (3) Hollowell of Covington, Ohio own and operate C&H Farms, alongside Stacy’s parents Russ and Kathy Clark, a 320 head capacity feedlot.

  • The Layman Family

    The Layman Family

    Bret, Kelley, Madison (16), Lauren (13), and Elliot (10) Layman own and operate Layman Dairy Farm just outside of Utica, Ohio. The family’s primary focus is dairy, with milk production from their 200 head of dairy cattle going to a local cheese producer.

  • The Love Family

    The Love Family

    Kurt, Marcy, Mason (10) and Morgan (8) Love of Baltimore, Ohio have a cow/calf farm on 188 acres, with about 40 cows. Although Kurt owns a tile and ceramic business, and Marcy owns a small country boutique, their true passion remains raising cattle.

  • The Nickles Family

    The Nickles Family

    On the Wooden Nickle Farm, nestled in the rolling hills of north central Ohio, Kyle and Audrey Nickles work alongside Kyle's parents, Doug and Sherry, taking care of their nearly 250 head of Simmental and Angus cattle. For the Nickles owning cattle is in their blood.

  • The Raines Family

    The Raines Family

    Todd, Melanie, McKayla (16) and Ty (14) Raines run a seedstock cattle operation located in Seamen, Ohio. There the family raises around 350 head of Registered Black Angus, with a key focus on genetic improvement, and producing high quality beef. Their 2,000 acre farm was first established by Todd’s great, great grandfather Raines in 1928 and his great, great grandfather Fulton in 1895.

  • The Walls Family

    The Walls Family

    Three years ago, a young couple explored unknown territory when Kyle and Ashton Walls purchased a foreclosed property to begin their cattle operation. The uniqueness of the Walls’ family (growing plus one this summer!) is that Kyle and Ashton are both first-generation beef farmers. Having no family history in cattle, Kyle and Ashton are pioneering their path in the cattle industry.

  • The Weaver Family

    The Weaver Family

    Some will tell you that being a cattle farmer is one of the hardest professions there is. Yet, for the Weaver family of Crawford County, doing their part in the agricultural industry extends far beyond the cattle fences. For Kurt, Ashley, Colt (3) and Laramie (brand spanking new) Weaver they not only own over 50 head of cattle, they also own three barns of weaned hogs and farm over 1,200 acres of crops.

  • Tom and Susie Turner

    Tom and Susie Turner

    Tom and Susie Turner, of Somerset, Ohio own and operate Turner Shorthorns, a registered Shorthorn cattle operation. Since 1948, it has been Turner Shorthorns' main priority to find and use the best genetics of the Shorthorn industry to produce the best mama cows they can.

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